Frazer & Jones Company has over 200,000 Square feet in Syracuse, NY. We have been at this location for over 150 years. We can supply raw castings and also offer finishing as required including heat treat, grinding, machining and assembly.


Frazer & Jones Company is equipped with 2 high speed disa lines capable of producing up to 400 molds per hour. Various grades of ductile and malleable iron are available.


Frazer & Jones offers a variety of Anchor Assemblies used for mining, civil and construction markets.
We are always willing to work with our customers in designing and producing customer specific products to meet their needs.


We have 3 medium frequency Induction furnaces with melt capacity of up to 25,000 tons per year.
We are equipped with a metallurgical lab to ensure that our grades of iron are controlled and meet ASTM standards.


Frazer & Jones offers a variety of styles on nuts with various drill and hole sizes. Go to our mining products section to review the types and sizes offered.

The Frazer & Jones Company produces high quality ductile and malleable iron castings.

  • Castings for the Oil, Water, Gas market (valves, ring segments,valves, torque screws, etc)
  • Truck/Automotive Part Castings Tier II
  • Rail Castings (Tie-Plates, Other Acessories)
  • Construction Castings for Bridges, Buildings, etc. (Beam Clamps, Concrete Anchors)
  • Military/Aerospace Castings (Tier II)
  • Agriculture Castings
  • World leader in castings for the mining industry

Our company has been in operation for over 150 years

  • Strong relationship with customers
  • Design expertise to service specific customer requirements
  • Data driven process controls to deliver competitive pricing
  • Superior Quality performance (ISO 9001)